Kitchen hacking: Salt is not your enemy

Now before you skip off into the sunset, opening jars across the miles, I have another kitchen hack I would like to share: How to get the scent of onions off of your hands. I use plenty of organic herbs and vegetables to season my dishes.

I love onions, but hate the smell that plagues my hands after using them. When I discovered this kitchen hack, I shared it on my Twitter and Facebook pages the same day. But, social media posts get buried under more social media posts so I thought I would place it here, where people can benefit from this tip time and time again.

The good news is salt is your friend!

A quick and easy way to remove the scent of onions from our hands is to ditch the soap and water and grab your salt shaker instead. Wash your hands with salt, rubbing it vigorously against your hands. Then rinse with warm water. The smell of onion will be removed from your hands and as an added benefit; they will be soft and supple from your salt scrub.

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