Kitchen hacking: How To Show A Hard To Open Jar Who’s The Boss

We all love life hacking; simple tips that make everyday tasks a bit more bearable. Since I’m in the kitchen most days of my life many of the tips that I employ happen well…in the kitchen! Because these particular tips are specific to a culinary setting, I have coined the term “kitchen hacking”.

I have several kitchen hacks that I use often but below are two of my favorite kitchen hacks that I have learned recently and just had to share with my Sumptuous Bites followers: While jars are fantastic for food storage, sometimes they do their job a little too well. Who hasn’t had trouble opening a jar of just about anything? Here’s an easy solution to those stubborn jars that won’t require muscle but instead a simple household item: a rubber band.

Don’t believe me? Give it a try!

Just wrap the lid of the jar with a rubber band (use one with a thick width) and twist the lid open. It’s that simple! The rubber band adheres to the jar lid and provides enough traction to allow you to grip and open the lid with amazing ease.

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