5 Dinner Tips For Single Moms On The Go


Being a single "mompreneur" is no easy feat. Most days I am either marketing for clients, meeting clients, or working a client event. Ironically, despite securing a profession in preparing foods for others, I have very little time to prepare food for my own family. Realizing that there are plenty of mom’s out there who are seeking a balance between work and home life, I have decided to create a few tips for moms on the go:

#5. Plan ahead, way ahead: Purchase your vegetables and wash, cut, and season them. Then place them in a freezer bag (remember to mark the date!). This will cut your preparation time tremendously.

#4 Stick with Seafood: Seafood tends to cook quickly. Shrimp is a great addition to rice and pasta and cooks in just a few minutes. Salmon is a filling type of fish that is rich in Omega 3, which has a variety of health benefits. Prepare your fish overnight , placing it in a casserole pan so that cooking only involves pre-heating your oven and popping it in!

#3 Get The Kids In On The Fun: Mom, I’m hungry! We have all heard it. Our children’s stomachs are often ready for food faster than us moms can prepare it. Want to find a great way to stall their appetites? Get the kids involved in the cooking and/or food preparation. I allow my little King to assume the role of sous chef in my kitchen and he often becomes so preoccupied with preparation that he forgets the rumbles in his toddler tummy. So get your kids in the kitchen, you’ll be thanking me later!


#2 Leftover Potluck: If you have a few leftovers from previous meals, don’t toss them! Leftovers are often not enough for two but far too much for one person to eat. Serve up all of the leftovers and make play on holiday dinner. The kids will love the spread and heating it up your feast will be the lengthiest part of your meal planning.

#1 Dish Up Dessert: When you are in a pinch and your meal isn’t as filling as you’d hoped, dish up some dessert! Keep a stash of fresh fruit on hand and give your little ones a fruit bowl after a meal. This will satisfy a sweet tooth while serving as a refreshing palate cleanser after a delicious dinner.

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