We welcome feedback after every event so that we are aware of how we can improve to ensure the happiness of every client!

Here's what some people are saying... 


Great Food. Creative Delightful Bites/Cuisines. Awesome Service. Beautiful Event Decor. All Around Exciting Great New Company. Definitely Love Sumptuous Bites!!!

-ACA Branding Agency


"Sumptuous Bites catered the Miss New York Plus America Pageant this past weekend, and I must say that the food and the service are absolutely amazing!!! I would recommend them to anyone"

-Emicia Park, Director of Miss New York Plus America Pageant


"There is nothing like delicious food. But more importantly, there is nothing like great service. Sumptuous Bites is the go to catering service that can guarantee you that perfect combination, excellent service and superb food."

- Founder of the Activate Movement, Lucinda Cross


I tried some sumptuous Bites delicious fish cakes yesterday, and now I can't stop thinking about them!

-Cheyenne Bostock, Life coach & Author


Great food and spices. Will def eat again soon..

-K. Fordyce, Boutique Owner (Brooklyn, NY)


Great, creative dishes with a healthy twist. Nonetheless very delicious!

-D. Parker, Restaurant Owner


Text message: Hey [Sumptuous Bites]. I'm at a restaurant eating some bread pudding, and it's not as good as yours

-M. Ayres, Attorney


Text message: Hello [Sumptuous Bites], thanks!!! The food was great. My directors enjoyed the food. The guests plates were clean. Workers enjoyed the food. It was suggested to use you for upcoming events.

-G. Alleyne, Non-profit foundation


Hi [Sumptuous Bites]. My mom and stepfather enjoyed everything

-M. Ayres, Attorney