Hi, I’m Nola!

A Letter From Nola... 

Welcome to my fun, beautiful, and very hectic world of Sumptuous Bites! I want to take a few minutes tell you a little about me, and this plan of mine to revolutionize the way people see and eat food,  one “sumptuous bite” at a time. Promise, I won’t bore you. 

At the age of 17, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD). My doctors advised that I would need to begin serious medication.  They predicted between the ages of 28‐30 that my body would begin to deteriorate and eventually, aggressive dialysis would be mandatory. A few years later, my desire to cook healthy meals became a top priority. With little experience in this area, I researched nutritious cooking and implemented those lessons learned into my diet. With patience, I dramatically turned my health around and never experienced any symptoms or needed any treatment that I was told to expect.       

Daughter of Guyanese restaurateur, Doris Rodney, I inherited my mom’s sharp business acumen and passion for exquisite cuisines. My mom took note of my love for cooking and knack for business.  Quickly she put my talents to work as manager  of her Brooklyn, NY cocktail bar. Motivated to realize my childhood dream of being an independent business owner, like my mom, I created Sumptuous Bites, a Caribbean‐American catering company featuring healthy options. 

Recognizing that I was not alone in trying to find a balance between enjoying flavorful foods and healthy eating, I committed myself to showing others the flexibility, and creativity that can be expressed in the culinary arts with West‐Indianfood. My goal is simple; to make Sumptuous Bites the go‐to­‐place for satisfying your palate with mouth‐watering, healthy Caribbean-American cuisine.

All the best,

Nola Ro