Check Out Sumptuous Bites Launch Event!

Sumptuous Bites Networking and Launch Party

On Sunday, June 28, 2015, Sumptuous Bites invited you to indulge in our decadent menu selections as well as our exotic Caribbean cocktails just to give you an idea of all of the deliciously wonderful beverages and healthy foods we offer.

We all rocked away to the sweet sounds of steel pans blaring out tunes of the Caribbean and Americas while mingling and laughing with other excited foodies who we compared our sumptuous experience with!

Among the beautiful array of guests, were journalists, film makers, bloggers, publicists, teachers, liquor company execs, entrepreneurs, models, TV personalities, makeup artists, and food connoisseurs who you can get a glimpse of below.

The Sumptuous Bites launch party was indeed a success and if you were one of the attendees or attended in spirit, you are wildly appreciated..



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